A few days after moving into my new apartment I rented, I discovered I had company. Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about bedbugs; Now I know more than you ever wanted. This is my story of bedbugs. I sincerely hope that it is never yours, but if you read on, at least you'll be prepared for the worst.

When I moved, the apartment was clean. The bed and bedding were new. Nothing seemed out of place. There were a few mosquitoes and the very occasional small beetle or weevil would make an appearance, but not unpleasant. Here in Doha, Qatar, you will learn to be attentive to cockroaches, but this plane seemed clear. He was more concerned about unpacking and place. Di room a quick spray with Pif Paf to get rid of mosquitoes, made up the bed and removed at night.

That first night, I slept perfectly comfortably. The next morning, I got up, rain, got dressed and went to work as usual. Suddenly, around lunchtime, I noticed an itch in the small of my back. It got so bad that I took me to the bathroom to investigate and found that there appeared a group of ugly red raised welts. Clustering, and itching aspect made me think he had somehow picked up a flea, perhaps in a taxi to work. He had carefully examined my clothes, but found nothing. Because, of course, there was nothing to find. Then she knew that the bed bug bites are totally painless at the time, but burst typically 12-24 hours later.

The next day, it happened exactly the same, except this time the rash appeared on my left buttock - they want to know that, I'm sure. I was at a loss to explain as completely changed my clothes yesterday. But first I began to wonder if the apartment are given shelter to something unpleasant.

The problem was I had no idea I was dealing with. I was looking in vain for fleas on sofas and cupboards, while the real culprits were party in the bedroom. Then, on the fourth day, he was investigating biting insects online and found an article about bed bugs. The more I read, the more he came to realize this was my hidden enemy. I did not want to believe it, but had to face him. This was war, and win! using bed bug mattress protector

This had happened in the UK, have called simply a company specialized pest control. But in Qatar that long ago that when you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself learned ago.